Custom four colors alloy 30MM Floating Lockets wish six stars charms 30MM FLOATING LOCKETS

Size: 22mm (Diameter);
material : Stainless steel 
Stainless steel material is very stiff, harmless to the body.
A great variety of 22MM Stainless Steel Plates that fit nicely in 30MM Floating Lockets!  Choose your favorite from the long drop-down list above. I restock as often as possible, so, please check back if your favorite is out.   

**please choose a positive plate
**Please tell us you want engraving content in the back of plate
**please send me a message through Email or Messaging. 
**If you no message tell us, we ship the default no custom lettering in the back of the plate and floating locket and free gift six stars charms to you. 
Thank You.

Come visit my Store where you will find some unique Floating Charms, Lockets, Dangles and more!

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Four colors alloy 30MM Floating Lockets wish six stars charms F002

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